SMART City Solutions

Innovative Smart City Solutions

The new age of technology demands a revolutionizing and high-tech construction building that includes all the services that occupants need in the building. This is done by making the building as efficient by adding all the possible necessities, minimizing costs and reducing the environmental impact of the building.

A smart building is supported by the use of technology to share information and specs about what goes on in the building between the systems that are installed so as to optimize the building’s performance in the most cost effective way. This leads to the practice of automating varies processes in the building such as heating, ventilation, security etc.

SMART IT comprehends the growing need of a smart building in the society, hence we move ahead to provide the cutting-edge and innovative smart city solutions. The main purpose behind the smart building is to avoid the waste of energy and resources, in order to cut costs, reduce the use of resources that are near to exhaustion and improve energy efficiency. Thus, Smart buildings can be characterized by;

  • The high-tech systems connected (water meters, pumps, power, lighting, fire alarms, security etc).
  • Automated systems can control conditions across an entire building.
  • The use of sensors.
  • Data and information in the smart buildings are generated on their own.
  • Whereas, the benefits of implementing smart building include the following and more;
  • They reduce energy consumption.
  • The high-tech system make the occupants more productive and comfortable.
  • Smart buildings are more energy efficient and more cost effective.
  • There are obvious operational savings.


SMART CITY – Services:

  • Smart Parking
  • Smart Waste Management
  • Digital Signage
  • Smart Surveillance
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Traffic Management
  • Smart Lighting