Machine Learning & AI

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence are terms that are interlinked yet are perceived individually in executing them into the corporate world. Whereas, Machine Learning is an application of AI that can be defined as the acquisition of skills by a machine without it being explicitly programmed, thus providing the ability to the system mechanically learn from experience. While AI can be defined as a process that is implemented into the system in order to enable machines to perform functions or operations that are presently, done by humans better.

Putting it forward into simpler terms, Machine Learning is particularly a subset of Artificial Intelligence. ML is a discipline of designing and applying algorithms that are able to learn things from past experiences. Hence, the machines learn from history to establish reliable and authentic outcomes. This includes self-driving cars and face detection and recognition, detecting issues like credit card fraud etc.

However, despite the numerous benefits that the ML & AI provides to businesses, it still might seem a daunting task to understand that how they might be applied to or benefited from within the company. SMART IT will help your business to eliminate the mundane tasks through ML & AI, increasing operational efficiency. Additionally, there are a myriad of applications for these technologies that can be implemented to make processes easier:


Intelligent Conversational Interfaces

Reduced Energy Use and Costs

Accounting and Fintech

Becoming More Customer-Oriented

Market Forecast

Accelerated Analysis

Powering Infrastructure, Solutions and Services

Cybersecurity Defense

Health Care Benefits

Recruiting Automation

Cross-Layer Resilience Validation

Advanced Billing Rules

Predicting Vulnerability Exploitation