Cyber Security

Cybersecurity Solutions Provider

With technology becoming an integral aspect of every business and workplace. From professional networking and collaborating official documents to communicating promptly through emails and conducting financial transactions, majorly every business relies on technology in order to connect, operate and process effectively and efficiently. However, a business can be affected disastrously when these lines of communication are threatened or even compromised by data breaches that result in losing files, software, system or corrupted website, loss of assets or intellectual property, data leaks, phishing and more. there are many reasons why you must hire a cybersecurity solutions provider for the cybersecurity of your business.

The most widely encountered threat is when the scammers impersonate a business and send fraudulent emails, and viruses and malware. All types of businesses hold a broad range of data, from employee to insights and sensitive data of customers which often contains personal and confidential information that can be easily be put at risk. If businesses don’t take adequate measures to protect their and their customer’s data, then this can bring about a massive loss and total damage to the business.

This is where a dire need for Cybersecurity arises for every business. Cybersecurity acts as a protection or shield of systems that are connected with the internet from cyber-attacks. This includes the protection of hardware, software, data, and all information. SMART IT brings the facility and a life-saver solution for all the businesses out there. This kind of technological security comprises of cybersecurity and physical security, which are used by businesses for protection against unauthorized access to data centers and other computerized systems.

Cybersecurity by Top IT Security Specialists

The most common threats to information and data in any business include; ransomware, network intrusion, phishing, rootkit, spyware, virus or malware, Trojans and more. Since cybercriminals have been powered with specialization and great expertise, therefore, cybersecurity needs to be backed-up by highly trained and experienced professionals. Therefore, if f you are serious and concerned about your professional security, contact us and our IT security specialists will make sure you are protected against all kinds of cyber threats.

Cybersecurity services by SMART IT includes:

  • Security assessment and planning
  • Information security consulting
  • Security testing of IT infrastructures and its components
  • Stress testing: emulation of DDoS / DoS attacks

Application Security:

  • Security code review
  • Mobile device management and mobile application management
  • Cloud security
  • Web application security

Network Protection:

  • SIEM
  • DDoS protection
  • Email security
  • Firewalls, IDS / IPS, DLP implementation and setting
  • Antivirus protection