Cloud Solutions

On-demand Cloud Solutions by Cloud Solutions Experts

SMART IT are cloud solutions experts providing on-demand Cloud based services that are centered on computer networks, applications, storage or resources accessed through the internet as well as on the cloud linked infrastructure that we share. The increasing popularity of cloud solutions offers the ability to the users to access data at any time and from any site or locality with the help of an internet connection that can be paired with smartphones, IPads or laptops. Hence, the benefits of connecting to the projects and important information from the ease of your location have raised the adaption rate of cloud based solutions, making its way to small, medium and large scale business.

Cloud Computing is the delivery of IT capabilities in a scalable, virtualized, and standardized manner, ensuring to offer flexible resources, higher productivity and performance, innovation, economies of scale and various other benefits to the business.

  • Provided over Internet standards and infrastructure.
  • High level of hardware abstraction.
  • Dynamic configuration / on-demand requirement.
  • Pay-per-use / variable cost pricing

The benefits that cloud solutions offer to its users are bespoke, easy to administer and implement, accessible, flexible and reliable when it comes to making back-ups for important data. It can be adopted and merged into the system without any hindrances or downtime as it requires no extra hardware software. In addition to this, it provides amplified capacity, scalability, and functionality, with compact maintenance and reduced costs for computer infrastructure or staff.

While we ensure and allow our clients to emphasis and target on much significant, strategic and revenue-driving initiatives for their business, we offer and manage a systematic technique via a cutting-edge cloud solution that gives easy access, storage and data governing facility to our clients.

Cloud Service Models

  • Software as a Service

It is principally used for end-users who do not want any issues or disruptions with the infrastructure, making it a ready-to-use application, that is, CRM/ERP (, Exchange (MS Office 365), Unified com. (WebEx), and Virtual Desktop.

  • Platform as a service

Generally used for procedures and tasks carried by the developers, i.e. DB (Oracle), WebServer–App Dvp Platform, and Billing systems.

  • Infrastructure as a service

Primarily used by clients whose majority of employees are working with IT systems, for example some of these usages are for Virtual Machines, Storage, Load balancing, Security and more.