Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain Expert Solutions

Businesses exchange numerous goods, services, money, data and more with customers, suppliers, partners and other vendors every day. Each value exchanged is processed in terms of a transaction which needs to fast, accurate and easily manageable. SMART IT brings blockchain expert solutions for clients in order to provide them a way to execute numerous transactions in a much better, safe and quick way.
The blockchain network does not rely on a centralized authority and favors a democratized system. In the simplest form, a blockchain is a series of incontrovertible record of data that is managed and administered by a mass of computers that are not owned by any single authority. Hence, each of the data, the blocks, are protected yet connected to each other via cryptographic principles. Although the information or data in it is shared and visible to everyone, every professional involved in the system is accountable for their own tasks and actions. Hence, its transparent nature ensures that no one tampers with the data that is stored inside the blockchain.
The synchronization via consensus allows and promotes for greater reliability, authenticity and trust, making it easier to open a broad range of possible transactions. SMART IT understands the need for a secure, reliable and quick transaction process, hence, we offer the Blockchain solution to support our clients achieve greater trust and operational efficiency.
Blockchain expert solutions provided by SMART IT:

  1. Blockchain for Healthcare – in terms of health information exchange, improving data integrity
  2. Blockchain for Banking & finance
  3. Blockchain for Education Sector

Blockchain technologies provided by SMART IT:

  1. Hyperledger
  2. Corda
  3. Bitcoin
  4. Ethereum
  5. Cryptocurrency