Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics Solutions

Being a prominent name amongst large data consulting companies, SMART IT provides big data analytics solutions aims to use Big Data Technology in enhancing the client’s business with the delivery of innovative digital solutions and services and smarter strategic and organizational decisions.

We enable clients to improve their decision-making and strategy-building capabilities and organizational skills by providing them access to a wide range of data analytics solutions, services, and resources. Big data analytics is the process of examining large and diverse data sets to discover and expose information such as hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends and customer preferences that assist organizations to make up-to-date business decisions.

Big data analytics provides numerous benefits to every business. It is not only driven by specialized analytics systems and software but also with high-tech computing systems, offering effective marketing, improved operational efficiency, and customer service as well as a competitive advantage over opponents with new opportunities for revenues.

From faster, improved and systematic decision making, big data analytics brings in significant advantages to analyze information immediately, ensuring to gauge and fulfill customer needs and satisfaction. You have the least control over your data that is rapidly growing each day unless you take the lead and control your data with Big Data. Let’s find a business in your data with SMART IT!

Big Data Offerings

  • Data Warehousing

Focuses on capturing and integrating only structured data from various sources for analytical reporting, ad-hoc/ structured queries, and decision making.

  • Data Store

A centralized repository that stores structured or unstructured data the way it is, without the structuring of data and supports processes like dashboard/ visualizations and real-time analytics.

  • ETL For Analytics

Data is retrieved from operational systems and pre-processed for analysis with EXTRACTION of data from databases, TRANSFORMATION that includes cleaning, filtering, and validating rules & LOADING of data into a data warehouse.

  • Data Processing

Manipulation and processing of data into a usable form using a predefined sequence of operations done either manually or automatically to get meaningful insights enabling users to choose an output that directly suits the requirement.

  • Data Integration

A collaboration of technical and business processes to combine data from disparate sources and provide a unified view of data of the company’s data assets for retrieval of meaningful, valuable or confidential information.